Our scars create the maps that help us find our way to each other.

At her birthday dinner with her husband, happily married, thirty-something, Nicola (Nicki) Botticelli’s evening ends with divorce papers in her hands and a sucker punch to her heart.

When Nicki’s husband tells her he’s leaving her for the marriage counselor they’ve been seeing to make their good marriage even better, she swan dives into couch surfing, junk food eating despair.

But this isn’t just another sad tale about a woman who’s been left by a cheating man. This story is about what can happen next. Nicki’s devoted girlfriends rally to help her pick up the pieces and she’s soon shimmying her way down the road of no regrets. Nicki begins her life again as a single mom with two kids.

She starts by begging a surly gym owner for a job. He sees something in overweight and out-of-shape Nicki and takes a chance on her. That decision pays off for both of them. She works hard and becomes an in-demand personal trainer. As her life and body shape up, she finds herself fending off the advances of a much younger trainer and realizes that she’s ready to risk her heart for love again.

Nicki’s sea-side New England town is mostly populated with retirees, making her chances of meeting Mr. Right about as likely as her showing up on the beach in a thong bikini. She decides to try online dating. Two potential love interests quickly emerge: Javier, a transplanted, Parisian Romeo and C.J., a curiously familiar younger guy with the hometown advantage. Oh, and Nicki’s ex has been dumped by his fling and he wants to come back home.

Will love trump Nicki’s fears as she comes to understand the meaning of the opposite of gravity?

D. L. (Danielle Lise’) Prophet was the quiet, shy little girl in elementary school who still managed to get in as much trouble as the wild boy in the class. She did this by rarely paying attention. It wasn’t her intention to ignore the noble striving of her teacher to educate her pliable young mind. There just was a whole, much more interesting world residing in her creative mind. She was the class daydreamer. Her perceptive sixth grade teacher recognized the value of her imagination and encouraged her to put that world to paper and that began her love of writing.

She’s been telling stories ever since. She started out writing skits and three act plays for the neighborhood kids to perform during their summer vacations. Years later she went on to hone her story-telling skills during the 80’s, as a singer/songwriter, writing for such bands as the Boston area, award-winning, Feat of Clay. 

She now lives on the inspiring coast of Massachusetts where she’s renovating a home with her boyfriend, Ivan. The Opposite of Gravity is her debut novel. She’s presently working on the sequel to the Opposite of Gravity ~ Flying & Falling.

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