1) Before launching Reedsy, did any of you have experience working in the publishing industry? What caused you (and the rest of the cofounders) to come up with the idea? I assume there was a passion that sparked the idea.

There was definitely a passion for books that sparked the idea, but more from the consumer side. In our founding team, we’re all avid readers of different genres, and it i s from this perspective that we approached the publishing industry.

We adopted the digital formats very early on, and were incredibly excited about what this disruption in the distribution models meant for the content creators, i.e. the authors. We started investigating the rise of independent publishing, and came up with this idea of building an intermediary model, fairer to the authors but keeping the highest standards of quality.


2) Can people view books that have been published as a result of collaborations that took place on Reedsy? If so, where?

We don’t yet track the books that come out of our numerous collaborations — that will be part of an ulterior development of our model. However, we do often get thanked via email, Twitter and Facebook for our great marketplace and also sent the book we have made possible.

So we’ve started publishing some “success stories” on our blog, highlighting some cool projects that our editors or designers worked on through Reedsy. Here are a couple:

Life in the Loop (1)


3) Do you have any well known success stories? (book titles)

We’ve had some fairly famous authors use Reedsy to find a new editor or designer: Brant Cooper, co-author of The Lean Entrepreneur, or Janice Graham, NYT bestselling author Janice Graham, who wrote The Tailor’s Daughter.

We’ve also recently started working directly with some UK-based agencies to help them rebrand literary estates for re-publication, and we’ll soon publish a wonderful “success story” about that.


4) How does Reedsy plan to stay ahead of the other marketplaces for freelance writers and editors?  

Though we’re still quite young, we have built an editorial/design network and a reputation that really set us apart. On Reedsy, authors know that they are guaranteed to work with a talented professional, whomever they end up choosing.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re currently building some amazing tech tools to help authors write, edit, collaborate and publish more efficiently. We believe we are about to change the way authors and publishing professionals work together to create beautiful books.


5) What is the biggest struggle you’ve had in launching the service to authors and editors? How did you overcome it/ are you overcoming it? 

The biggest challenge for us is that we operate in a space where authors are quite suspicious of new players. And they should be, considering the amount of “wannabe” editors/designers out there — on top of the websites that are just plain scams…

This is why we’ve spent a lot of time softly building a reputation through our blog, through our presence at writer’s conferences, and through our transparency. We prefer authors telling other authors about us and growing through word of mouth, which is what we’ve been doing quite smoothly.


6) Where do you see the future of the company going? 

We will continue growing our marketplace, and adding new categories to it: book reviewers, marketers, publicists — as always, all carefully selected and pre-vetted. Then, there’s the collaboration tools I mentioned earlier that are going to make a big difference in this industry.

But a bit like Find My Audience, we also want to connect rising authors with great stories to avid readers in their genre. This is why we are slowly dipping our toes into publishing and marketing right now, before making a big splash after the Summer — more on that then!

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Ricardo Fayet is a co-founder of Reedsy, an online marketplace that enables authors to directly access the wealth of editing and design talent that has been leaving major publishers over the past few years. A technology and startup enthusiast, he likes to imagine how small players will build the future of publishing. He also blogs about book marketing and conducts weekly author interviews on the Reedsy blog.

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