I’m an entrepreneur and an aspiring writer. When I’m writing, I’m often thinking of the next business I want to start. When I’m working on a new business, I’m often thinking of the next book I want to write. It’s a heady dialectic, to be sure, and generates a lot of angst and guilt that I’m not doing the other activity. My cross to bear, I guess.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing. You see, I’m almost ready to release my first book, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I am putting into practice all the great advice from Konrath, Locke, et al. It hasn’t taken me long to notice that I’m not the only one out there engaged in doing this. Several questions have popped up for me during the process: how do I find my “niche” audience? Are there any unique ways of getting my message in front of them? Will I have to pay to do so?

The last question is especially relevant–and I’m not the only who has asked it, as a quick troll through a variety of blogs reveals. Author Brad Swift, for example, has asked the question: “If you had a budget of $1,500 to promote and market your book(s) that are available as Kindle books and POD hard copies, how would you use it? If that budget was $3,000 what else would you do? Is there anything else you’d include if your marketing budget was $5,000?”

Jane Friedman responded to Swift’s query by saying that one should first determine the “primary target audience.”  She suggests that you shouldn’t “spend a dime until you know who you’re trying to sell to. You should thoroughly research your target readers’ habits, discover where they spend their time online, and how they decide to purchase books.”

So my question of the day is: assuming you can find that “primary target audience,” how much would you spend to reach them? I’ll start off by saying that I would spend in the $250-500 range. Let me know what you would spend. I’ll share the results in another post. Thanks!

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