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The Importance of Keywords

The value of Find My Audience’s tool is the ability to discover a diverse and valuable readership on social media through our audience locator. To do this, the use of keywords is an essential part of the process.

Every night, Find My Audience aggregates millions of conversations from the Twittersphere in order to create custom audiences for our users. Our tool searches for the most relevant tweets and discussions happening across Twitter that are related to your book, genre, and similar books based on keywords and search terms being used by people across the web. With this information, we create your audience and from there you decide which of these audience members you want to reach out to and connect with—these are your “leads.”

Keywords are words or terms that describe your book or a similar one. After we initially provide you with an initial audience, we will continue to send you new audience members each night based on the keywords that are in your book profile. When you first become a user at Find My Audience, your book will already have keywords and terms associated with it based on research and analysis done by our team. However, you can add your own keywords and terms into your book profile as well. In fact, you should: it’s valuable to add additional terms or remove old ones when you can in order to create new and different audiences to source leads from.

You can choose keywords based on words or phrases you think are being used by potential readers on Twitter when discussing your book or similar ones. For example, say your book is similar to Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. The genre for your book is memoir, which means general keywords for searching for your audience could include terms such as #cherylstrayed or #memoir. These terms will help produce a rich audience and discussion surrounding this book, and will surface any discussion happening across Twitter regarding either #cherylstrayed or #memoir—which is rather broad, but still valuable when developing a leads.

To expand and refresh your audience, you could add more narrow terms such as “self discovery” and/or “personal journey” to your book profile. Get creative with your new terms, and see what sort of language works. If your book is similar to Wild, but you know that your readership will likely be young adults, add keywords such as #yalit, #juvenilefiction or even #wattpad[1]. Thinking about and researching the way that people would discuss or label discussions about your type of book is your clue to developing strong keywords and phrases that will give you better results each day.

[1]Wattpad is an online writing community where a lot of young writers and readers share their work. In this theoretical situation where you have written a YA memoir, doing a little research about where online your readership hangs out and shares work will lead you straight into the arms of Wattpad. It’s extra steps like this to develop keywords that will allow you to diversify and enrich your audience results.

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How to Become Established on Twitter In Order to Use Find My Audience

Are you an author interested in finding your audience? We’re here to help. Find My Audience is a social media management platform for authors who are actively trying to grow their readership. We make it simple for you to find potential readers by scouring the social web for people, places, and conversations that relate to your work. To get the most out of Find y Audience’s platform, you should have a Twitter presence. If you aren’t on Twitter already, here are some tips to help you get started.

First things first: if you don’t have a Twitter account, you need to sign up here. When you’re choosing a handle (@), the most obvious thing to do is to use your name. If you have a common name like Joe Smith, you might want to consider adding a descriptor (e.g., @JoeSmithWriter). If you have other social media accounts that require unique usernames (e.g., Instagram), we suggest you be consistent with the handle you use.

Next, you need to consider how you want to build your brand. To do this on Twitter, create hashtags that identify yourself and your book, such as #yourname and #yourtitle. These hashtags create communities based around specific conversations (like #optoutside for REI). If you want to search communities, you need to search hashtags in order to find the most recent conversations about those topics and the people who are talking about them. The more you hashtag your book title and your name, the more others will do the same – it’s a form of reciprocity, which marketers suggest for good social media etiquette. You can also hashtag your genre in order to attract audience members interested in that topic.

We strongly suggest you make social marketing on Twitter a part of your daily routine. Just like you plan a specific time to work out during the day, or to cook dinner, or to write, designating 15 minutes a day to creating your own tweets, following new people, and retweeting will allow you to have a constant presence on Twitter.

More helpful tips:

-The best readers are authors. Don’t be shy to follow and engage with them.

-Save character space by using link-shortening websites like

-Have a succinct and informative bio and a link to your author website.

-It’s never a bad idea to put your book cover as your cover photo.

-Link to excerpts of your book using sentences that hook readers.

Once you get started, you’ll have all the tools you will need to get started with our Beta. This is a really exciting chance to grow your readership in a fun way, expressing your personality and engaging with new people.

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What It’s Like to Work in Boulder, Colorado

Our team feels lucky to work at Find My Audience for a multitude of reasons – but namely because of its prime location. Our office is based in Boulder, Colorado, which is a quaint college town nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Some people call it a little San Francisco, but we think we’ve got them beat (even if we’re biased). Here are 5 reasons why working in Boulder is unbeatable:

  • Boulder is a hub for innovation. Not only is it home to the University of Colorado at Boulder, but it also hosts an impressive number of startup companies in both the technology and holistic lifestyle industries. For example, our office is located next to the very successful granola company, Purely Elizabeth. They just dropped by earlier this week to give us free samples of their organic granola (and we’re obsessed)! P.S. (They’re hiring).
  • The hiking trails are unbeatable. How nice would it be to spend your lunch break hiking the trails of Boulder’s famous Chautauqua Park? Or rock climbing up on Mt. Sanitas? Or strolling around the Boulder Reservoir? It’d be a fantastic luxury. We should know – we love to take advantage ourselves!
  • You can bike to work. Boulder is a cycle friendly town that is almost always sunny. If you haven’t heard, Colorado has 300 days of sunshine a year. Not bad for a bike ride, right?
  • Were a 15-minute walk to the Pearl Street Mall and a 5-minute drive away. Treat yourself to a scenic lunch at the West End Tavern, the Rio, or the Med. Dining in Boulder will never disappoint.
  • Youll find a boutique coffee shop on the corner of every street. We highly suggest trying the Oatmeal Raison Cookie tea from Pekoe Sip House – or if you like to mix your drinks, you can always grab a glass of wine in addition to your coffee at the Laughing Goat. You can’t go wrong there!


Even if you don’t have the opportunity to work in Boulder, it’s still a great place to visit. And if you’re an author interested in using Find My Audience, don’t be shy! We’re located in the Steelyards at the corner of Pearl and 30th. We’d love to give you a tour of the office and show you how our tool can help you maximize your book marketing efforts online. Plus, you never know when we’ll have a dog running around the office! ☺

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